The CMA Research Group is hosting a Summer Fieldwork Seminar Series to highlight the work of CMA faculty and students over the past year.


Dr. Fraser Sturt – Archaeology Underwater? Recent fieldwork on the Pleistocene Landscape


Scott Tucker (PhD Student) – St. Mary’s River Archaeological Project: 2012 fieldwork season results: Click here to view this talk.

Thomas Dhoop (MA/MSc Student) – Archaeology of Cogs in the Flanders Harbour and public engagement

Mike Stratigos (MA/MSc Student) – Crannogs in Loch Kinord, Aberdeenshire


Professor Jon Adams – Historic Period Shipwreck Investigations in Sweden


Clara Fuquen (PhD Student) – Ethnoarchaeological fieldwork at Choco Region, Colombia

We will update this schedule as it develops further, with at least two more dates planned.

CMA Summer Fieldwork Seminar Series

Scott Tucker

Scott is an historical and maritime archaeologist from Maryland, USA, holding an MA in maritime archaeology from University of Southampton and a BA in anthropology and sociology from St. Mary’s College of Maryland, USA. His research interests include medieval and post-medieval European maritime trade networks, 18th and 19th century African-American archaeology in a maritime context, and early European colonization of the New World. He has worked extensively on sites around the Chesapeake, as well as the Florida Keys and United Kingdom. His current PhD research is focusing on early British mercantilism in the Chesapeake and changes in shipbuilding and merchant practises throughout the seventeenth-century.

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