Camilla Moore
PhD Candidate

PhD Candidate funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

The research project “Mapping potential wreck sites with seafloor data - scientific, social and legal considerations”, funded by the Leverhulme Trust is interdisciplinary with a supervisory team comprising Dr Fraser Sturt (Archaeology), Dr Justin Dix (Ocean and Earth Science), Professor Mikis Tsimplis (Law and Ocean Sciences) and Andy Liddell (Ministry of Defence).

The aim of the research is to determine a suitable pro-active management strategy for potentially polluting wrecks. A significant number of potentially polluting shipwrecks are located on the seafloor. The pollutants carried on board may include oil, explosive remnants of war (ERW) or other toxic materials. Leakage of pollutants from such wrecks may take place continuously or catastrophically, and the risk of such an event increases with time as these wrecks degrade. The location of several of these wrecks is known, but the majority sank without exact information on their location.

This project will combine a review of historical records with the prevailing weather and oceanographic conditions at the time of sinking in order to define areas where the wrecks may be. These zones will be cross-referenced against swath bathymetry targets to facilitate an assessment of the environmental risk present in the various areas of the UK Continental Shelf. Key to this project is the co-consideration of legal responsibilities for identifying and locating such wrecks and ensuring they are not polluting the seas. Through application of an archaeological approach to assessing polluting wrecks the aim is to provide a greater degree of understanding, and develop additional mitigation and management strategies for such wrecks.

Camilla previously completed her MSc in Maritime Archaeology and BA in archaeology at the University of Southampton before working in industry for several years, including roles as a building surveyor, and as an unexploded ordnance offshore project manager.

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Camilla Moore
Crystal Safadi

Crystal Safadi

PhD student funded by the Honor Frost Foundation. So far I completed two Masters degrees at the University of Southampton: an MSc in Archaeological Computing Spatial Technologies (2012-2013), thesis entitled ' The Beqa'a Valley during the Early Bronze Age: a GIS Approach to Settlement Patterns',  and an MA in Maritime Archaeology (2013-2014), 'Bronze Age and Iron Age Levantine Harbours: an Evaluation of their Afforded Maritime Accessibility and Protection'. During my Masters degrees I developed a set of skills and a passion for GIS, computational approaches, and marine geophysics. In my PhD research I will draw on several methods to investigate the maritime world of the Levantine Early Bronze Age through space and time. I worked on several archaeological digs and surveys, terrestrial and underwater ( Nissia Shipwreck Project 2014, Deltebre I shipwreck excavation 2014, Underwater survey in Anfeh Lebanon 2013, Excavation at Baalbek Lebanon 2012, excavation at Tell Fadous-Kfarabida Lebanon 2011, Tell el-Burak excavation 2011, etc.). Thanks to the support of the Honor Frost Foundation, The Said foundation, the British Lebanese Association, the University of Southampton Archaeology team, and my supervisors Dr Lucy blue and Dr Fraser Sturt, I was and still able to pursue my postgraduate studies.  

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