The CMA is actively engaged in world class research across a range of fields: from investigation of Pleistocene submerged landscapes and shipwreck research to experimental archaeology and ethnographic studies into maritime communities.  More details of specific projects can be found on these links


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Submerged Neolithic of the Western Isles: 58.209435, -6.384869
CMA: 50.928841, -1.403053
Submerged Pleistocene Landscapes: 51.597548, 0.966797
Submerged Neolithic of the Western Isles: 58.209435, -6.384869
Black Sea MAP: 42.504793, 27.462636
Neolithic Steppingstones : 49.465691, -2.585278
Neolithic Stepping Stones (Scilly): 49.958620, -6.285038
Enculturating Environments: 34.959965, -119.129906
One River Project: -13.937938, -75.800709
Relic Palaeolandscapes of the Outer Thames Estuary: 51.597548, 1.153564
Determining Potential: Onshore/Offshore Prehistory: 51.206883, -3.210754
Neolithic Steppingstones: South Uist: 57.130277, -7.406845
Happisburgh Submerged Pleistocene: 52.825587, 1.538086
The ACROSS Project: -10.487812, 129.726563
Zahrani Maritime Survey: 33.494739, 35.331345


Our staff and research students publish on a broad range of maritime archaeological topics.  For details on recent publications please follow the links on the staff section of ‘who we are’.    The Centre was also central to establishing the Journal of Maritime Archaeology and several past and present members belong to its Editorial Board.

Masters Projects

Our Masters students complete at least one research project during their studies at Southampton.

PhD Projects

Our PhD students study a diverse range of topics in a variety of geographic areas and timeframes. See the postgraduate researchers page.