The Centre for Maritime Archaeology provides a focus for maritime archaeological research at the University of Southampton. Committed to the promotion and practice of maritime archaeology, we have provided world class expertise in research and education since 1995. Our members are involved in a wide range of international research and fieldwork projects and we have established strong links with other UK universities, overseas academic institutions and both the commercial and curatorial sectors.

Much of the work conducted within the Centre is multidisciplinary in nature, drawing on the University’s established excellence in marine geophysics, History, Geography, English, web science, computing, ship science and marine geoarchaeology. We collaborate regularly with researchers from across the University, notably from the Archaeological Computing Research Group, The School of Ocean and Earth Science, and Ship Science. Our research projects have a global scope from the Solent to South Asia. Current projects include underwater survey, excavation and heritage conservation in the Mediterranean, investigation of relic palaeolandscapes in the Outer Thames Estuary, and research into the ancient harbour at Suez in Egypt.

Members of the research group include lecturers, research fellows, postdoctoral researchers, PhD and Masters students. Our staff are world leading experts in their fields, whilst our research students and postdoctoral researchers provide the fresh perspectives and energy any successful research institute requires.

Our approach to teaching is research-led and the Centre offers students the opportunity of hands-on learning through participation in active research projects. Our research and teaching draw on diverse methodologies including marine geophysics, marine geoarchaeology, palaeogeographic reconstruction, underwater survey and excavation, GIS analysis, archival research, experimental archaeology and ethnography.

All of the above has served to place the Centre for Maritime Archaeology at the forefront of maritime archaeological theory, method and practice in the academic and commercial spheres.

Key areas of expertise:

  • Multidisciplinary research
  • Innovative and interdisciplinary, research-led teaching
  • Professional consultancy