Tony Burgess

Tony is a part time MA/MSc student at the CMA. He spent nearly ten years as a crime analyst for the Home Office, but has returned to University for a change in careers. In this interview, Tony discusses his return to University and his experiences thus far with the CMA.

Clara Fuquen-Gomez

Clara recently finished a PhD  within the CMA. In this interview, she discusses studying and living outside her home country of Colombia and her experiences at Southampton. Clara has studied at the CMA at both the MA and PhD level.

Scott Tucker

Scott has also just finished his PhD A. He also completed his MA degree in maritime archaeology with the CMA in 2009. In this interview Scott discusses studying at the CMA at both MA and PhD level, and his experiences as an international student studying in Britain.

Patrick Dresch

Patrick completed his MA at the CMA in 2008. Since then, he has worked for one of the foremost cultural resource management firms in the UK as a marine geophysicist. In this interview, Patrick discusses his time at the CMA and his professional life since.