The history of maritime archaeology is often told in a very particular manner, with a specific geographic and temporal focus. This only gives us part of the story and limits our understanding of how the discipline has developed and how we can help shape its future development. In order to address this, we have begun a project with the Unitwin Network for Underwater Archaeology to begin a global effort to document and analyse the broader history of the subject.

Previous crowd sourced research
We have previously created a timeline for the development of maritime archaeology that anyone could send in suggestions for as part of our ‘Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds’ MOOC (you can visit this time line by clicking on the link below). This gained considerable input, with the majority coming from North West Europe and North America. We’d now like to expand this, but adding in a clearer geographical component.!date=1521-03-26_11:04:09!

What are our overall objectives & goals

We aim to encourage a reflexive approach that is situated and historically sensitive to the development of the ‘discipline’ amongst practitioners at large. Our goal is less about writing a ‘big new history’, and more on enabling and encouraging practitioners to get involved themselves in thinking and writing about the history of the discipline. The drive is to open up the history of maritime archaeology, rather than closing it down into a singular narrative.

How can I get involved?

As a researcher: If you are currently carrying out, or thinking of research in this area please do get in touch. We intend to use this website as a means of connecting people, posting updates and sharing resources.

AS a member of the community: You may have been involved in projects and excavations over the course of your life. Having written, audio/video accounts of these activities, the people involved and actions taken will help improve our understanding of the subject considerably. You can submit any thoughts or material you have to be posted on this site, where it can be made available to others as a resource. To share your photographs, videos and thoughts email please get in touch.