The CMA Research Group is hosting a series of fieldwork presentations covering this summer’s maritime archaeology work by the CMA faculty and students.

Presentations are taking place in the Centre for Maritime Archaeology, Building 65b, on the following dates:

Tuesday October 22, 11:15am

Peter Campbell (PhD Student)- Roman Warships and Aqueducts: Fieldwork in Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, and Albania

David Selmo (MSc graduate)- Reflectance Transformation Imaging

Nick Dugdale (PhD Student)- The Marzamemi Maritime Heritage Project, 2013 Season


Tuesday October 29, 11:15am

Rodrigo Pacheco Ruiz (PhD Student) – Leaving Land Behind: An Insight into Coastal Lives in Late Prehistoric Scilly, UK

Alex Tourtas (MA Student) – Fieldwork in Greece 2012-13: Snapshots

Rachel Bynoe (PhD Student) – The Submerged Palaeolithic of the Southern North Sea


Tuesday November 5, 12:15pm

Amelia Astley (PhD Student) – The Taphonomy of Historic Shipwreck Sites: Implications for Heritage Management

Loren Clark (MA Student) – Submerged Stories in the Nation’s Oldest Port

The Session will be live-streamed on this link


We will update this schedule as it develops further.

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CMA Summer Fieldwork Presentations

Crystal Safadi

PhD student funded by the Honor Frost Foundation. So far I completed two Masters degrees at the University of Southampton: an MSc in Archaeological Computing Spatial Technologies (2012-2013), thesis entitled ' The Beqa'a Valley during the Early Bronze Age: a GIS Approach to Settlement Patterns',  and an MA in Maritime Archaeology (2013-2014), 'Bronze Age and Iron Age Levantine Harbours: an Evaluation of their Afforded Maritime Accessibility and Protection'. During my Masters degrees I developed a set of skills and a passion for GIS, computational approaches, and marine geophysics. In my PhD research I will draw on several methods to investigate the maritime world of the Levantine Early Bronze Age through space and time. I worked on several archaeological digs and surveys, terrestrial and underwater ( Nissia Shipwreck Project 2014, Deltebre I shipwreck excavation 2014, Underwater survey in Anfeh Lebanon 2013, Excavation at Baalbek Lebanon 2012, excavation at Tell Fadous-Kfarabida Lebanon 2011, Tell el-Burak excavation 2011, etc.). Thanks to the support of the Honor Frost Foundation, The Said foundation, the British Lebanese Association, the University of Southampton Archaeology team, and my supervisors Dr Lucy blue and Dr Fraser Sturt, I was and still able to pursue my postgraduate studies.  

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