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Dr Julian Whitewright will be the Archaeological Institute of America’s Steffy Lecturer for 2014-2015.

Julian will be delivering lectures at the University of Missouri, the University of Toronto and the University of Michigan during late October. He’ll present both his ongoing work into the sailing rigs of the ancient Mediterranean and research on eighteenth and nineteenth century British ships and shipbuilding.

The Steffy Lecturer was established by the AIA in 2008 to commemorate J. Richard Steffy’s life work on wooden shipbuilding and the interpretation of shipwrecks.

You can find more information on J. Richard Steffy and his research here, and there is more information on Julian’s work here.

Julian Whitewright to be AIA’s 2014 Steffy Lecturer

Jesse Ransley

My work centres on ethnographies of seafaring and oceans, particularly of the Indian Ocean past and present. I study the history and material culture of south Asian seafaring - from traditional boatbuilding and watery landscapes to lascars and piracy (and the politics and ethics of maritime archaeological heritage management). I am interested in the embodied knowledges of seafaring, the materiality and temporality of oceans and the larger philosophical question of how we imagine and understand maritime space. Or, as it was recently put to me: 'you do bodies on boats, don't you?' Which is definitely true. Boats. People. Water.

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